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Published on 4th April 2016 | by Tim

iPhone SE: Unboxing & First Look

You may have heard that there’s a new iPhone out, I managed to get my hands on the new iPhone SE and here’s the first look.

For the most part, the iPhone SE looks just like the iPhone 5S but that’s where the similarities end. Inside you’ll find that the majority of components have been upgraded and are on par with those of the current flagship in Apple’s lineup, the iPhone 6S.

As you would expect the iPhone SE comes attractively, but minimally packaged in the usual white box with only the Apple logo, the model name and picture of the enclosed model. Inside you’ll find the iPhone SE with its familiar design and a 4-inch display.


Also included in the box is a Welcome to iPhone quick start guide, iPhone info, a set of Apple stickers and the sim ejector tool. Underneath that you’ll find the included Earpods, USB to Lightning cable and the power adapter (country specific).

Looking at the iPhone SE it brings back memories from when I owned a 5S, it has that same familiar feel in the hand and a design that many users still love. Whilst the design of the phone is the same there are a few minor differences when compared to the iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 5 before it.


The chamfered edges of the phone are matte on the SE, on previous models, these would have been polished giving them a shinier finish. On the rear of the phone, the Apple logo is inset stainless steel polished to give it a shine and coloured to match the rear casing. The camera module is also slightly larger than that on the 5S and you’ll also notice the lettering SE under the word iPhone.

Many users still like the size and design of the 5S but that’s where the similarities end with this device. Inside you’ll find that the SE has more in common with the iPhone 6S than it does with its predecessors. At the heart of the SE is the A9 chip which is twice as fast at CPU tasks than the 5S and three times as fast at GPU tasks. Also included is the embedded M9 motion coprocessor which is used to track fitness and allows for “Hey Siri”.


The iPhone SE also sports 2GB RAM which should help if you run a large number of apps and also for Safari tabs when web browsing. Faster wireless capabilities have also been added, the SE supports 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and up to 19 LTE bands that are faster than those in the 5S. An NFC chip is also present for use with Apple Pay.

On the rear of the iPhone SE is the same 12MP camera that you’ll find on the iPhone 6S, this also shoots 4K videos and has support for Live Photos. With the new image signal processor on the A9 chip, you’ll also have burst mode, 63MP panorama, time-lapse videos and slo-mo up to 240fps.


That’s where the similarities end, however, there are inevitably some tradeoffs in an effort to maintain a low price point. Firstly, you’ll get the exact same display as that found in the iPhone 5S, so no improvements there. The front-facing FaceTime camera is 1.2MP compared to the 5MP camera in the iPhone 6S. You also get the first generation Touch ID sensor which isn’t as fast as the second generation sensor found on the 6S. In addition, the iPhone SE lacks the barometer from the 6S and 3D Touch, but you do gain better battery life which will be welcomed by users.

The iPhone SE comes in two capacities, 16GB and 64GB and retails for £359/$399 and £439/$499 respectively. It’s also available in four colours, silver, space grey, gold and rose gold.

Are you looking to upgrade to the iPhone SE? Let me know in the comments.

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