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Published on 25th March 2016 | by Tim

World Of Tanks Blitz Released On Mac OS X

If you’re a fan of World of Tanks Blitz on iOS then you’ll be pleased to know that Wargaming has now released it for the Mac. Since launch, the game has racked up 40 million downloads with players from all around the world.

World of Tanks Blitz was initially only available on iOS devices but has gradually expanded to other platforms. Windows 10 support was added most recently and allows players to use a keyboard and mouse rather than rely on touch screen gameplay.

Now with OS X added as another platform it allows new and current gamers to join the battlefield in tank on tank action. One point of note is that Mac users will have joint matchmaking with Windows 10 PC users. Wargaming has decided to match players in battle based on the devices that they’re using, so all players using touchscreen devices will battle together, players using a keyboard and mouse will play separately.

• Over 200 iconic WW2 vehicles from nations across the world
• 18 unique battle arenas
• Strategic 7-vs-7 online multiplayer
• Free-to-win: equal access to in-game elements for everyone
• Deep progression system: 10 tiers of tanks to unlock and explore
• Innovative crew upgrades to enhance your tank and refine your gaming style
• Constant updates and graphical enhancements; optimisation for various devices
• Easy-to-learn, intuitive touch screen controls
• In-game chat and Clan chat functionality
• Battle Missions that open up new, personalised challenges and let players earn bonuses and achievements
• Clan functionality allowing players to unite in their pursuit of victory and invite their friends to play online

World of Tanks Blitz is free to play with optional in-app purchases which include gold, credits and limited time only premium tanks. It’s now available to play on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices so no matter what device you have you can join in the fun. Good luck on the battlefield!

Download: Mac App Store
Website: World of Tanks Blitz

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